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We provide high-rate services for each segment of the market, developing reliable software  
for both startups and large enterprises.

Digital collaboration marketplace

The solution is a collaborative community connecting clients and solid dev teams.

With simplicity in mind, we designed and developed strong but yet lean project management system with smooth UX.

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vehicle marketplace

This marketplace was initially designed, developed and optimized with focus on mobile experience.

The platform links buyers, private sellers and dealers of vehicles in more than 30 African countries.

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Enhanced finance 
analytics platform

This web app is a multi-domain platform designed and developed with an emphasis on financial-markets participants.

Fast SaaS solution with prepaid membership broadens the view of financial analytics.

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Extensive travel 
management system

iExpedition is an online platform providing Arctic and Antarctic cruises.

It introduces a booking system with advanced filter capabilities.

A powerful CMS simplifies the management of the portal.

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Powerful portfolio management system

The platform assists companies in sales, providing relevant cases to prospective customers.

The core of this web application is an extensive media library.

Advanced filters allow finding any crucial information on a suitable project.

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